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Services I Offer

I provide psychotherapy and consultation.  There are 3 formats of psychotherapy that I offer: individual, couples, and family.  Below are basic outlines of each service.

Services: Services

Initial Appointment/ Diagnostic Evaluation

This service refers to the first 1-3 sessions. The focus during this time is establishing your informed consent to participate in the process, collecting background information, and (if submitting to insurance) determining the diagnosis that best describes your distress.

Therapy Session

Individual Therapy

Support for 1 individual.  This is most often traditional talk therapy in a one on one setting.  It can also involve other forms of communication (i.e., drawing, painting, writing) and include other people in the room if the purpose is still for the sake of helping one person.

  • Sessions are typically weekly or bi-weekly for 50-55 minutes

  • I am most effective with individuals ages 10 and up.

Woman on Window Sill

Couples Therapy

Support for romantic partners to improve their relationship.  This service gets billed to insurance as family therapy.  As with family therapy, the focus is on helping partners better communicate with each other.

  • Sessions are typically weekly or bi-weekly for 55-60 minutes

Couple at Home

Family Therapy

Support for 2 or more family members to change how they function as a family.  This most often involves me supporting the family members to talk with each other more than to me.  I see my role as noticing patterns of communication and interrupting to help each member get a chance to express themselves in a way that their family can hear more effectively.

  • Sessions are typically weekly or bi-weekly for 55-60 minutes

Family at a Beach


I regularly consult with physicians and school support staff to maintain the continuity of your care.  Maintaining communication amongst the professionals involved in your care helps you get the most consistent and informed support possible.  This generally involves brief, occasional phone conversations of less than 15 minutes, for which I do not charge.  Sometimes more frequent phone contact or an in-person meeting is required.  For accumulated phone contact of at least one hour or any in-person meeting, additional fees apply.

Web Consultation
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