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Insurances Accepted

You can determine your financial responsibility for in-network therapy services by calling the customer service number on your insurance card and asking the following questions:

  1. Does this company cover my behavioral health coverage, or is that managed by another provider?  [Sometimes behavioral health coverage is managed by a different company with which I might not be in-network!]

  2. Do I owe a flat rate co-pay regardless of the fee, or am I responsible for a percentage (i.e., 10 or 20%) of the fee?

  3. Do I need to meet a deductible before getting reimbursement coverage?  If so, how much is it?

  4. [If seeking family or couple's therapy] Am I covered for family therapy?

BlueCross BlueShield PPO

BlueChoice PPO


If you do not have coverage with one of these insurance plans, I am happy to submit out-of-network claims to your insurance for you. If you are concerned about the cost of meeting a high deductible or out-of-network costs, please contact me and ask if I have any room for sliding scale fees. I reserve approximately 25% of my caseload for these circumstances.

Insurance & Fees: Insurance

Private Pay & Out-of-Network Fees

Insurance & Fees: List

Initial Session


Individual Therapy


Couples Therapy


Family Therapy



$130/hour + travel time if more than 15 minutes

As mentioned above, I do offer some sliding scale options for a portion of my caseload that cannot afford my fees.

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